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Direct Mail Advertising.

The Secret To Successful Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising, even when using postcards like I prefer, can be expensive… when done alone. But I have found that by sharing the costs with 2 other companies I can still bring in a direct mail standard response of 2%, or higher, consistently. Cutting expenses by two thirds has made a significant difference and so far none of my mailings have been unprofitable. The fact that I have a close friend who runs a print & mail shop, enabling me to get everything done really inexpensively is icing on the cake. I can’t say that with solo mailings where I have had to pay 100% of the expenses. That can be a bit risky. But our new “3X Method” is proving to be both effective and a safe marketing investment.

Further, the companies that I share postcard space with almost always report healthy returns. The one exception, so far, was a company that had really bad sales copy and refused to take our advice to improve their offer before the mailing. Having a good offer is still necessary. Regardless, the rate of return for the majority of our partners has been extraordinary to say the least.

Here’s some examples of recent 3X Method postcards:

Direct Mail Advertising



“Using coupons or special offers is essential to achieving a positive response. We will help you craft a profitable message and do all the graphical work for you… at no extra charge! We will format, print, and coordinate the whole process, while you save BIG and attract new customers at a rate unmatched by any other advertising medium.”

Truthfully, if I were to start a brand new business, or if I was hired to take a failing business and turn it around, the 3X postcard system is what I would use, exclusively, until the job was done. Being an “internet marketing expert” has been my bread and butter for the past 3 years. But direct mail, I am almost embarrassed to say, has quickly surpassed all of my IM efforts, especially for my “offline” clients. It would seem that the internet has actually made “old fashioned” direct mail advertising even more effective than in decades past.

Why? My theory is less competition. Everyone’s trying to make sense of, and conquer the whims of Google. Including myself. But Direct mail advertising, utilizing the 3X Method, has been a tremendous boon for my business! Don’t get me wrong, mobile websites, video marketing, reputation management, and of course securing your business on page one of Google Plus Local, is still vitally important for any business in today’s marketplace. But in terms of attaining pure results, fast, you can’t beat direct response marketing. Not email, but by postcard.

SUCCESS EXAMPLE: A remodeling company I worked with recently generated 112 incoming calls from just one of our 3X postcard marketing campaigns. Out of those calls they got 38 appointments and converted 17 of those to paying clients.

It doesn’t matter if your are selling pizzas, plumbing, restaurant supplies, or new bathrooms, direct mail works. And when you leverage the power of group buys like with our 3X Method you are cutting back your “risk” by two thirds while still commanding a healthy return that is comparable to even solo mailings which are much more expensive.

Right now, I am looking for new direct mail partners to expand our reach across the United States. If you are interested please contact me below and tell me a little about your business. Your clientele, your products and/or services, etc. There are two basic strategies we can implement. One is targeted demographics, and the other is saturation campaigns where the postman will essentially just deliver the postcards to every address within a target area. The USPS introduced a groundbreaking program called “Every Door Direct Mail” or EDDM for short, which makes saturation mailings dead simple to do at the local level.

I really love this method for three reasons.

1. The 3X Method helps MY business and MY lead generation efforts for my existing clients.

2. It allows me to share the wealth with non-competing companies who need a shot of new business their way.

3. We can share the cost 3 ways with virtually no reduction in response. Some have asked me, why not 4 or more offers on a postcard? Simple: I’ve found that you cannot put more than 3 offers on a single postcard without greatly diminishing returns.

So if you are interested in joining with myself and another business (or in some case two other businesses besides myself) and share the cost of an effective direct mail campaign then contact me and we’ll talk. We’ll handle everything and keep the costs as low as possible so you see the highest returns possible. At this time we are arranging two campaigns a week, and there is a waiting period for some business types.

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