Does Backlinking Your Google Plus Page Help Rank?

Posted on July 5, 2013 · Posted in Google Plus Local

On my local business marketing blog I have discussed how backlinking Youtube (and other high authority video directories) videos can absolutely help their rank, assuming the links are not “spam links” auto generated by software like SENuke, etc. But what about your Google Plus Local business page?

Miriam Ellis of Solas Web Design asked me the other day to revisit the question of whether one should build links to their G+ Page for local. Often this question is asked from the wrong frame of reference.Unlike the Google Places page, a Google + Page is indexed and CAN have page rank. The page can appear in the Google index and Mark Trapenhagen has documented cases where a + Page has achieved a PR of 8. As such it is tempting to ask the question of whether one should do link building to G+ Plus page. Should I link build to my Google + Page carries with it an implicit premise in the question that a business will benefit from arbitrarily building links to a given page…

ᔥShould You Do Linkbuilding to Your G+ Page for Local?