Five Things You Should Know About Regal Assets

Posted on August 27, 2013 · Posted in Investing

If you are looking to invest in gold and you are not sure of which company is the best, you should consider Regal Assets. There are several things that make them stand out from all of the other companies available out there. If you are curious about what makes them different, you should probably continue reading.

The first thing you should know about Regal Assets is that they have been given an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. This is not something that all gold investment companies can say. In fact, there are many out there that can only dream of being this revered. They have also been rated very highly on TrustLink. This is proof to you that this company is reputable and a gem to work with.

Waiting a long time to have something delivered that you have already paid for is a real pain. This is especially true if it is for something as valuable as all of the things sold by Regal Assets. The good thing is that once you make a purchase you are promised a delivery date that is no more than seven days away. Of course there are always things that can occur unexpectedly, but the company has already covered this by offering a free Silver American Eagle to anyone who has received their order beyond that date range.

When you visit the site, you are given the option of receiving a free gold rollover kit. There are many great things inside this kit including a 2013 investment guide from Forbes magazine. The information provided is the free kit is very valuable, so this should be a sign that Regal Assets cares more about the interest of the customer than they do about themselves.

If you want to buy gold from this company, there are a couple of options available. You can invest in gold bullion, which is gold in its most pure form. It is also possible to purchase gold coins if these are more your speed. There are also coins available in other precious metals. You do not have to feel like this company is trying to force you to invest in a metal that is not what you prefer.

Celebrity endorsements are always great, especially if some of your favorites are quoted touting a company and how great they are. Regal Assets is praised by people like Alan Thicke, Lars Larsen and Dennis Miller. Even though you may not know these people personally, having all of them say positive things about the same company should lead you to one conclusion.

Making financial decisions is very complicated, especially when it involves things that you may not be extremely familiar with. Regal Assets is here to help you every step of the way. As was stated earlier, there are a lot of companies out there that would love to do business with you, but after reading this article you should have a good idea of which one is the best.