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Need Help?.

I am in the process of putting together a killer DIY Google Plus Local Optimization Package.

Its going to include a new website equipped with a powerful social media plugin that will enable a business owner to make a G+ viral promotion where their customers can get a discount, special offer, coupon, whatever, just by clicking a G+ button.

Once the promotion goes live your customers will make it go viral without any other effort from you, the business owner. In addition, I will cover strategies to get customers and clients to go to your Google Plus Local business listing itself and leave a review. There is nothing blackhat about this. It’s just a highly organized and tested way to consistently build your Google Plus review network.

I am rolling this out next week for a considerable discount until I get all the bugs worked out and refinements made. If you would like to get on my First Mover Advantage list fill out the form below.  This will truly be the most inexpensive yet the most effective marketing strategy you can possibly do – online – for your business.

I addition to the new networking/review/reputation components, you will get all the latest citation and general optimization insider tips and strategies that are still of the utmost importance to your Google Plus Local rank.

Our job is to help you attract more customers. That is the bottom line. Google Plus Local just happens to be the means to that end, and we will make you the victor in that arena.

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