Secrets To Google Plus Local – Super Users

Posted on June 3, 2012 ยท Posted in Google Plus Local

The latest indications point toward a shift to social proof as a major criteria for Google Plus Local rank. With the integration, or outright assimilation of Google Places by Google plus, the emphasis is to get as many new members joining Plus as possible. Google is not even trying to shy away from that obvious fact. Now for a business owner to get new reviews on their G+ Local page they will need to persuade customers to either login to their existing G+ account or, which is more likely the case, join Google Plus.

So Google has, in essence, recruited local business owners as G+ recruiters by default. But not all G+ users are equal it appears…

One of the first strategies for jumping ahead of the pack, for a local business at least, is to find (or create) Google Plus “super users”. These are users who not only like to rate local pages but also get their reviews “liked” by other users. These Super Users ratings will simply carry more weight in the Google algorithms.

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